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AFSL is our humanitarian association for the affected population of Lombok in Indonesia.

Indonesia, an archipelago of 17,000 islands and islets, lies on the Pacific Ring of Fire, an area of high seismic activity.

The island of Lombok, located in the Indonesian archipelago east of Bali was the victim of a multitude of earthquakes in the month of August taking the lives of 555 people and having left more than 1,500 injured and 396,000 people affected . Since then multiple aftershocks continue to complicate the lives of Indonesians. To see the large number of earthquakes and aftershocks, click on this link:


The most important thing for our organization is to advance our cause.
We wish to support and accompany villages by giving them access to quality resources.
Our first action was to deliver basic necessities right after the first earthquakes.
The second project will be to offer these villages the means of reconstruction:
Nusantara and Prawira.
This project will be carried out in early June 2019.

Accueil: Ce que nous faisons

Our first project

In weekly contact with a representative of the village of Nusantara we assess the needs according to the situation on the spot.
So we decided to buy construction products on site, around 500 bags of cement, lumber and other materials. All purchases will be made by us with the help of the villagers. They will be used for the reconstruction of the habitat.
We also distribute food products to the residents.

Le point de récolte de dons

Step by step

At AFSL, we are determined to always step up our efforts to meet these challenges. The donation collection point is by no means an easy exercise.

We have created an online kitty on the site, here is the link:

We invite you to discover and support our actions.



Our roots

AFSL is aware that our strength lies not in words but in the actions we carry out and the initiatives we support.

Our Humanitarian Organization realizes that it is through collective work that we can meet challenges effectively. This is why we decided to create AFSL

Without a doubt, it is thanks to all of you that we will be able to accomplish great things and we thank you warmly.

Accueil: À propos de nous

Action June 2019


We met the inhabitants of the two villages to establish the list of products necessary to enable them to find good living conditions. Several meetings were necessary to prioritize purchases. At each meeting, we were very touched by their kindness, their great heart towards us. We hope we have brought them so much and much more.
We spent a little less than 7,000 euros: purchase of building materials wood, cement, wood plates, roofing plate, construction tools, sanitary elements. Products purchased on site and delivered to the two villages.


Another of our initiatives is to help two schools. These were rebuilt by the villagers themselves. They are operational but without an operating budget. AFSL therefore helps by offering them the necessary supplies for the operation for a year. We also bring certain building materials which will be used for the well-being of children.

Support local life

AFSL helps villagers who want to learn English through school. Purchase of educational books.

Accueil: Programme
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Support the operation of two schools


Our association helps these two schools to offer children an excellent education. AFSL supports and encourages these schools by purchasing all school materials and encourages the diversity of courses. We can have a real impact and make things better. It is one of AFSL's favorite fields, and a source of success for our humanitarian association.

Child in school.jpg
Accueil: Programme


Construction of a school

Land has just been reserved for the construction of a second school in the village of Jambiaron, this project is positive for our association, so we must decide to support this project.

Accueil: Projets


Front of the school project

Land new school (2).jpg
Accueil: Citation
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Envoyer vos dons à l'adresse suivante: AFSL, 5 rue Camille Catalan, 32430 Cologne.

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Contact AFSL

Contactez A.F.S.L pour en savoir plus sur notre travail et sur les possibilités de vous engager et de nous aider.

AFSL dans la presse:

Un grand merci pour son énorme soutien à la Dépêche du Midi du Gers de part la réalisation de différents articles et interviews pour notre cause dont voici les liens:





5 rue Camille Catalan 32430 Cologne, France

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AFSL welcomes you!

Association for the victims of Lombok

Help us contribute to the well-being of people affected  

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